M&A readiness

Exit Planning

Exit planning is a critical yet underestimated financial planning task. For most entrepreneurs and business owners, the value of business is at least 50% of the owner’s net worth; in many cases it is up to 80-90% of the total net worth.  Exit planning focus on maximizing enterprise value. Why exit planning? 2/3 of the US Read More

M&A as part of your Growth Strategy

Mergers and acquisitions make perfect sense in a variety of situations. For example, maybe an opportunity presents itself that requires fast, decisive action. Or maybe a competitive threat compels a defensive move to get bigger, faster. Here are five situations in which mergers and acquisitions have proven useful as a growth strategy: 1 – Fills critical gaps Read More

Fairness Opinion

El fairness opinion es un informe detallado que representa un análisis profundo del precio, términos y condiciones de la oferta en una transacción de compra-venta y provee una opinión financiera acerca de la razonabilidad de la transacción para la parte vendedora.  Entre los tipos de transacción más comunes están la venta de acciones, venta de una Read More