Enterprise Key Value Drivers

In this exclusive conversation, we talk with Marcus Sullivan, Founder and Managing Partner of Sullivan Consulting, a boutique consulting firm based in Puerto Rico. He specializes in business valuations and M&A and has over 20 years of experience providing financial and business advisory services to privately held, middle-market companies in the Unites States, Puerto Rico and Latin America. Today, we talk with Mr. Sullivan to help us understand how we can all work toward getting the most for our businesses.

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Mr. Sullivan’s valuation experience includes business enterprise, buy/sell agreements, strategic planning, succession planning, reorganization, investments and mergers and acquisitions. Most of the valuation engagements that Mr. Sullivan has participated in include controlling interests representing the sell-side.

Key Points From Our Conversation

  • It’s really important to get the business valuation done with enough time, and really understand what the client needs and current situation based on that.
  • There are key value drivers that we think could help any business in any industry as of now: growth, profitability, cash flows, recurring revenue, and a solid management.
  • The people behind the business is what makes a difference, because you want to make sure that you have the right management put in place to make sure that they can implement that business model, revenue model at the end of the day, and differentiate itself from the rest of the players.
  • An appraiser is needed for every business, no matter what industry or country they’re doing business in.

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