post-money valuation

Term Sheet

A term sheet is a non-binding document which outlines the key financial terms and conditions of a proposed investment. that lays out the proposed terms and conditions under which an investor will make an equity investment in a company.  Essentially, a term sheet sets out the key points of a potential deal – a framework for Read More

Pre-Money vs Post-Money Valuation

The value of a business in a transaction starts with determining the pre-money and post-money valuation. This valuation will be used to determine how many shares will be issued to the new investor and what percentage of ownership (after dilution) will the owners keep.  The pre-money valuation is the value attributed to the business before any Read More

Calculation Report

El Calculation Report es un informe donde se acuerda con el cliente, previo al análisis de valoración, los métodos que van a ser aplicados para dicho informe. A diferencia del Valuation Engagement en donde se llega a una conclusión de valor despues de considerar todos los métodos y aplicar los procedimientos correspondientes, en el Calculation Report Read More